Level-Headed Jackpot Capital Casino Review Plans - Top Guidelines For 2020

Level-Headed Jackpot Capital Casino Review Plans - Top Guidelines For 2020

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Online casino deposits with money transfers

While many people fund their online gambling accounts with credit cards, don�t overlook the safety and reliability of online casino deposits using money transfer through a trusted company. With a money transfer, you can send cash directly to the online casino, sportsbook or poker room of your choice without sharing the personal info that comes with using a credit card.

To help you make the best decision, here is an overview of your money transfer options when sending funds to your online gambling account.

Jackpot Capital Casino Review

Key reasons to use money transfers for online gambling

For most gambling sites, you must provide a method of payment when setting up your account. While linking a credit card to your account is one option, many online gamblers prefer money transfers because:

  • Safety. When done correctly, transferring funds with money wires can be a safe and convenient way to deposit money into online casino accounts. Before transferring any money be sure to read our money transfer scams guide and research the casino through multiple sources like Trustpilot and the BBB.

  • Privacy. There�s no need to provide personal banking details to the gambling site, unlike a credit card payment.

  • Avoid excess fees. Credit card companies often treat payments to online casinos as cash advances, with high fees and interest rates.

  • Legal. Under strict US gambling laws, most online casinos won�t accept payments from e-wallet platforms held by customers in the US.

Online gambling sites accept money transfers

Because strict US laws limit how an online gambling site can accept payments, most reputable casinos accept money transfers for deposits and payments. However, payouts to gamblers in the US are limited to bank transfers or couriered checks no matter your method of payment.

To confirm that you can deposit to an online casino with a money transfer, visit its website or create an account to view your payment options.

Popular online casino gaming options that accept money transfers for deposits and payouts include:

  • Bovada

  • Slots.LV

  • Ignition Casino

  • Sloto Cash

How do I transfer money to a gambling site?

Sending cash directly to an online casino, sportsbook or poker room with a money transfer can be safe and fairly straightforward when interacting with legitimate websites. Though it may take a bit more time to deposit funds than using a credit card, it may be worth it to benefit from the anonymity, safety and reliability that wire transfers offer.

To transfer your cash to an online casino using a money transfer service:

  • Confirm with the casino�s site the information you�ll need to initiate a transfer.

  • Create an account with a reputable money transfer service like MoneyGram or Western Union.

  • Use the information obtained from the casino to initiate a transaction for the desired amount.

  • Forward any reference or tracking number to the online casino, which will confirm the transaction.

Keep in mind that the majority of money transfer providers will charge a transfer fee to send your money, so be sure to weigh this fee against the amount you�re sending.

Services who can transfer to your gambling account

Enter your transfer details to compare services

I want to send



I want to send

Is transferring money for online gambling legal?

Yes, transferring money for online gambling is legal. But the United States has set forth strict regulations through the Federal Wire Act and Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which regulate the way that money can be exchanged for online gambling, including fantasy sports and skill games. This is why many US-facing gambling sites do not accept e-wallets as payment methods.

When participating in online gambling, be sure to use reputable companies that take government regulations seriously and have set up their sites accordingly. Personal online exchanges for gambling purposes may not be legal.

Is a money transfer for online gambling safe?

Using a money transfer for online gambling can one of the safest, most reliable ways to deposit and receive money. Of course, this depends on whether the website you are depositing to is authentic. Be sure to always do your research ahead of time before sending money anywhere online.

It�s a good idea to explore your payment options before setting up your online account with a casino. Choosing to deposit money to your gambling account with a money transfer provider, a cryptocurrency or a credit card are all great options. Just be sure to play only on trustworthy, dependable online casinos, sports books and poker rooms.


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Online casino benefits are perfect for those that are seeking complimentary cash and intend to be rewarded for their engagement. If they play a whole lot, they will obtain a large sum of totally free cash, yet if they play little bit, they can simply use the cash for a gift or memento.

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